How do I add a document to a task?

Some documents are integral to a task—for example, in a home loan process, you would upload a loan application for approval. Some documents just provide information to other users—for example, in a travel request process, you might need to upload an agenda that shows why you need to take a more expensive flight at a particular time.

To add a document to a task, click Documents Documents icon, and then depending on how the application was designed perform one of the following steps:

  • Click Upload File and select a file.

    Note that file size of up to 1 MB is supported.

  • Select the folder you want to place the document in, click Upload, and select a file.

    This option is available if the application was configured to use Oracle Content Management. Oracle Content Management lets you manage document files and folders in the cloud. See How can I manage documents in folders?

After a file is associated with a task, you can select the file and select additional actions.