Troubleshoot the Runtime Administration

The following troubleshooting tips apply to the runtime environment.

Why are several options, such as Dashboards and Administration, not available in the navigation pane?

Verify that you’re assigned the administrator role for Process. That role is required to access many administration features. See Learn About Roles for Processes.

How do I find out who is currently assigned to a specific process instance?

In the Instances page, locate the instance using the filters or by searching. Select it to view its details. In the Details pane, expand the More Information section. The Assigned To field indicates the current assignee for that process instance. See Track Process Instances.

How do I recover a failed process instance?

Locate the instance using the filters in the Instances page. If you’re an administrator, you can also click the alerts on the home page. Select the instance to view its details. Click Alter Flow & Suspend to edit the value of the process instance data objects and resume it. See Alter the Flow of a Process Instance.

How do I reassign a task that a user assigned to the wrong person?

If you or a user assigned a task to the wrong person by mistake, you can locate the process instance and reassign the task. Use the filters to locate the instance, select it, and reassign it to a different user. See Can I reassign my tasks to someone else?.