Work with Bot Activities

To integrate your business process with applications that don't have an adapter in Oracle Integration and don't expose APIs, you'll typically need human intervention. Using a bot activity, you can replace these human tasks with robotic process automation (RPA) tools and extend workflow automation to disparate or legacy applications.

Configure a Bot Activity element Bot Activity icon, present in the Elements palette under System, within your process to call an RPA integration created using one of the available RPA adapters in Oracle Integration. Through an RPA integration, you can access an external RPA tool (based on the adapter you select) and use its capabilities to automate a particular task.

To use a Bot Activity element:

  1. Drag and drop the element at the required position in your process flow on the editor canvas.
  2. Select the element, click Menu Menu icon, and select Open Properties.
  3. In the Bot Activity field, select an active RPA integration.


    The Bot Activity field displays only the active integrations created using any of the available RPA adapters in Oracle Integration.
  4. Define the required data associations for the element. See Configure Data Association
Keep in mind the following:
  • To use the Bot Activity element, you must first create and activate an integration using one of the RPA adapters in Oracle Integration.
  • Perform data associations for the bot activity in accordance with the type of data required and returned by the RPA integration.

Want to know more about RPA and how you can employ it in processes? See Integrate with Robotic Process Automation Tools.