Work with Dynamic Processes in Runtime

In Process, you can design and develop ad-hoc processes called dynamic processes. Dynamic processing focuses on unpredictable business processes which rely on worker knowledge and involve human participants. Based on the content and information of the process, knowledge workers make informed business decisions.

During runtime, knowledge workers decide the course of activities in a dynamic process, start and complete activates, assign activities to roles, and complete and close process instances. As a knowledge worker, you’ll work on the following activities:

  • Human tasks

  • Structured processes

Milestones are sub-goals defined within a process and are used to track progress. You’ll complete milestones created during design time as you work on the above mentioned activities. You can track the progress of your process instance in the top bar of the Process Instance Details page.

The Dynamic Processes page displays the different dynamic process in progress in an application. You can view the dynamic process for which you have the necessary permissions to work on based on your role.

To access the Dynamic Processes page, in the Oracle Integration navigation pane, click My Tasks, click Workspace, and then Dynamic Processes. A list of active dynamic processes is displayed.

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A dynamic process will be active only after the application process instance is started. See Start an Application.

Use this page to perform the following tasks:

Option Icon/Field Description


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Search for an active instance by name


Filter icon

Filter by:

  • State: Active, Completed, Terminated, Closed

  • Process name

  • Created before or after a certain date

  • Created by

  • Closed before or after a certain date


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Sort by:

  • Instance Id

  • Created Date

  • Process

  • Closed Date

  • Duration


Ascending icon

Display the instances list in ascending/descending order of their names.

Grid/List view

Grid View icon

View dynamic process in either Grid or List format. Click Grid View  to alternate between views.


Instance Details icon

View the process instance details page.