Integration, Process, and SOA

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Oracle Integration

Oracle Integration

Connect your cloud and on-premises applications, automate business processes, and build applications visually. That's right. Everything you need. Integration, process, analytics, and application development. All in one place.

Also, it doesn't matter whether Oracle Integration is managed by Oracle or managed by you (user-managed). You'll find all the resources you need in this product library.

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Oracle SOA Cloud Service

Provides a PaaS computing platform to lift and shift your on-premises Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Service Bus, and B2B applications to the cloud.

Oracle Process Cloud Service

Enables you to rapidly design, automate, and manage business processes in the cloud.

Looking for process automation, along with adaptive case management and application integration? Then check out Oracle Integration for all that and more.

Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Simplifies how you build integrations in the cloud, letting you connect securely to applications and services both in the cloud and on premises.

Looking for application integration, along with process automation and adaptive case management? Then check out Oracle Integration for all that and more.