Prepare Your Device to Use the Python Client Software Library

Ensure that the software prerequisites are met prior to installing the Oracle IoT Cloud Service Client Library Software for the Python platform on your device. You need to configure your device with the supported operating system and the specific version of the required software.

  1. For a list of supported platforms, see Oracle IoT Cloud Service Client Software Certified System . Download and install the required version of Python release software.
  2. Open a command prompt and browse to the directory where you downloaded the Python Client Libraries zip files.
  3. Run this command to create a Python Virtual Environment (PVE): python3 -m venv [python virtual environment directory].
  4. Run the activation script to setup the shell environment: [python virtual environment directory]\Scripts\activate.bat .
  5. Perform this command line option in the same PVE directory in which activate was invoked, to upgrade the Python's pip setup tool:
  6. If your computer is on a Virtual Private Network, or behind a firewall: python3 -m pip install --proxy=https://proxy:port --upgrade pip
  7. Download and extract the requirements.txt file from: into the same directory where the PVE is located.
  8. Run this command to install the requirements in the PVE by using the requirements.txt file you extracted: pip install -r requirements.txt.
  9. If your computer is on a Virtual Private Network, or behind a firewall: pip install --proxy=https://proxy:port -r requirements.txt
  10. Run these commands to install the libraries:
    pip install
    pip install
  11. Continue with Run the Sample Python Directly Connected Device Application.