Scale In a Cluster

To reduce resource usage in response to smaller workloads, you can scale in an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance by removing a node.

You can perform a scale-in operation for a service instance that has at least two nodes. To remove all nodes, you must delete the service instance.

If backups are configured for the service instance, Java Cloud Service attempts to create a backup before scaling the instance.

Wait for any maintenance operations on this service instance to complete, such as backup, restoration or patching operations, before you begin.

  1. Access your service console.
  2. Click the name of the service instance from which you want to remove a node.
  3. Under Resources, beside the node that you want to remove, click Manage this node Menu icon, and then select Remove Node.
  4. Optional: To perform a scale-in operation even if the node is unresponsive, select Force scale in the VMs.
  5. Click Remove Node.
  6. Periodically click Refresh Refresh icon until the node no longer appears on the Overview page.

    You can also monitor the progress of the scaling operation from the Activity page.