Scale Out an Oracle Java Cloud Service Cluster

Scale out an Oracle Java Cloud Service cluster to add nodes in response to changes in the load on the cluster.

Scale Out a Cluster

To increase resources in response to larger workloads, you can scale out an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance by adding a node.

The new node has the compute shape that you specified when you created the service instance.

If backups are configured for the service instance, Java Cloud Service attempts to create a backup before scaling the instance.

Wait for any maintenance operations on this service instance to complete, such as backup, restoration or patching operations, before you begin.

  1. Access your service console.
  2. Click the name of the service instance to which you want to add a node.
  3. On the Overview page, click Add a node to this instance Add Node icon, and then select Add Node.
  4. From the Scale Out dialog, select the component you want to scale out. If you are scaling out WebLogic Server (WLS) and your service instance has multiple clusters, select the cluster to which you want to add the node.
  5. Click Scale Out.
  6. Click Refresh Refresh icon until the node appears on the Overview page, and the status of the node indicates that the scaling operation is completed.

    You can also monitor the progress of the scaling operation from the Activity page.

Add a New Cluster to an Instance

You can add a new cluster when scaling out by using the REST API.

In some cases, you might want to scale out an instance but a cluster doesn't exist. You can add a cluster to an instance by using the REST API to add a managed server and include the createClusterIfMissing=true parameter in the REST call. This will not only add the cluster but will scale it out to include the new node.

Scaling out by using the REST API, including how to use createClusterIfMissing, is discussed in greater detail in Scale Out a Service Instance in REST API for Oracle Java Cloud Service.