About Oracle Java Cloud Service Subscriptions and Licenses

Oracle Java Cloud Service supports multiple subscription types. There are also opportunities to reuse existing on-premises licenses with Oracle Java Cloud Service.

For subscription and license prices, see https://cloud.oracle.com/java/pricing.


Not Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

You can obtain subscriptions to Oracle Java Cloud Service in several different ways.

  • Free Promotion subscription

    You can sign up for a 30–day Oracle Cloud promotion and receive free credits. This promotion applies to eligible Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (Oracle IaaS) and Platform as a Service (Oracle PaaS) services.

    See Requesting and Managing Free Oracle Cloud Promotions in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.

  • Universal Credits subscription

    In the Universal Credits subscription model, you commit to pay a certain amount up-front annually, based on a monthly cost estimate. Supports the Bring Your Own License type.

    See About Universal Credits and Buying an Oracle Cloud Subscription in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.

  • Non-metered subscription

    A non-metered subscription has a fixed monthly charge.

    See Buying a Nonmetered Subscription to an Oracle Cloud Service in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.

  • Government subscription

    A non-metered subscription designed for government customers. You buy resources for each service separately and access only those services you’ve purchased. Supports the Bring Your Own License type.

    See Billing Models Offered in Infrastructure and Platform Services (IaaS/PaaS) Billing Guide.

  • Traditional metered subscription

    In a metered subscription, you are only charged for the resources you use per month.

    See Buying a Traditional Metered Subscription to an Oracle Cloud Service in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.

Leveraging On-Premises Licenses

  • The Bring Your Own License (BYOL) option enables you to bring your on-premises Oracle WebLogic Server licenses to Oracle Cloud. BYOL instances are billed at a lower rate than other instances. See Frequently Asked Questions: Oracle BYOL to PaaS. Before you scale up or scale out a BYOL instance, you must have enough WebLogic Server licenses for the additional OCPUs that will be allocated to the instance after it is scaled.