Problems with Connectivity

Problems might occur when you attempt to connect to an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance.

The following solutions apply to problems with connectivity to an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance.

My private key is lost or corrupted

Learn how to connect when your private key is lost or corrupted.

When you create an Oracle Java Cloud Service instance you must provide an SSH public key. You will be unable to establish an SSH connection to the VMs that comprise the service instance unless you provide the matching SSH private key, as described in Access a Node with a Secure Shell (SSH).

Perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new pair of SSH keys.

  2. Add the new SSH public key to your existing service instance. See Add an SSH Public Key.

  3. SSH to the VMs in your service instance by using the new SSH private key.

My connection to a VM is refused

Be sure you are connecting to the VM as the opc user. Other OS users such as oracle and root cannot be used to establish a remote connection to a VM.

After successfully connecting to a VM as opc, you can switch to a different user. See Access a Node with a Secure Shell (SSH).

I received a hostname verification error when attempting to connect to Node Manager

When attempting to connect to the Node Manager using WLST, a hostname verification error is returned, similar to the following.

WLSTException: Error occurred while performing nmConnect : Cannot connect to Node Manager. : Hostname verification failed:, hostname=myjcs1-wls-1.

To disable hostname verification, use the following -D flag when invoking WLST:

java -Dweblogic.SSL.ignoreHostnameVerification=true weblogic.wlst