Problems with Scaling

Problems might occur when you attempt a scaling operation.

The following solutions apply to problems with scale-in and scale-out with Oracle Java Cloud Service.

My scale-out operation does not start

Your scale-out operation has been placed in the request queue, and it might be a few minutes before the operation is performed. Check status on the Activity tab of the Oracle Java Cloud Service Console.

Wait before you try to scale out again. If the problem persists, contact Oracle Support Services.

My scale-in operation is not allowed

The managed server you selected for scale-in is on the same virtual machine as the administration server. Removing this virtual machine is not allowed.

Select another virtual machine to scale in.

My service is too busy to allow scaling

Your service has a pending maintenance operation such as backup or patching.

Wait until maintenance has completed before you try scaling again.

My scaling operation failed when the storage space threshold was exceeded

A scaling operation fails when local disk storage usage exceeds a certain threshold. For a scale-out operation, the threshold is 90 percent. For a scale-in operation the threshold is 98 percent. A scaling precheck operation performs a disk usage check and issues an error message if the threshold has been exceeded, and then scaling fails. If you receive this error message, free up space on local disk storage.

A scale-in operation attempts to create a backup before scaling in. If you initiate frequent backups, local storage can fill up because backups are retained for seven days.

If you create frequent backups, delete backups before scaling in to avoid this problem. See Delete a Backup.