psm analytics delete-service

Use this command to delete a service created with Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic. Once deleted, your account is no longer charged.


Only an Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic administrator can use this command.


In the following syntax, line breaks have been added for clarity. Do not include them when entering the command.

psm analytics delete-service -s|--service-name ServiceName 
  -n|--dba-name dbaName 
  -p|--dba-password dbaPassword 
    [-f|--force-delete true|false]
    [-i|--skip-backup-on-terminate true|false]
    [-of|--output-format json|html|short]


All parameters are required unless otherwise noted.

Parameter Description
-s|--service-name Name of the service you want to delete.
-n|--dba-name Username for the Oracle Database Cloud service administrator.
-p|--dba-password Password for the Oracle Database Cloud service administrator.
-f|--force-delete (Optional) Forces the removal of the Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic service, regardless of whether there are processes running.

Default: false

-i|--skip-backup-on-terminate (Optional) Skips backing up the service before deleting it.

Default: true

-of|--output-format (Optional) Desired output format.

Accepted values: [json, html, short]


$ psm analytics delete-service -s Example1Service -n SYS -p password

Note that this command returns a job ID. To see the status of your delete-service operation, use this ID with the psm analytics operation-status command:

$ psm analytics operation-status -j 34373

When you see the message:


the service was successfully deleted.