8 psm bdcsce Commands

The psm bdcsce commands perform various life-cycle and administrative operations on Oracle Big Data Cloud clusters.

Category Command


psm bdcsce create-service – creates a cluster.

psm bdcsce delete-service – deletes a cluster.

psm bdcsce services – provides summary information about all active clusters in your identity domain.

psm bdcsce service – provides detailed information about a particular cluster.

psm bdcsce restart – restarts the Admin Server on which the cluster is running.

psm bdcsce stop – stops a running cluster.

psm bdcsce start – starts a cluster.

psm bdcsce add-ssh-public-key – updates the SSH key used by a cluster.

Access Control

psm bdcsce access-rules – lists all access rules associated with a cluster.

psm bdcsce create-access-rule – creates access rules for a cluster.

psm bdcsce delete-access-rule – deletes access rules for a cluster.

psm bdcsce disable-access-rule – disables access rules for a cluster.

psm bdcsce enable-access-rule – enables access rules for a cluster.


psm bdcsce scale-in – performs scale in operation for a cluster.

psm bdcsce scale-out – performs scale out operation for a cluster.


psm bdcsce available-patches – lists all patches available for a cluster.

psm bdcsce precheck-patch – identifies potential issues that might prevent the specified patch from completing successfully.

psm bdcsce patch – applies a patch to a cluster.

psm bdcsce applied-patches – lists all patches applies to cluster.

psm bdcsce rollback – rolls back a patch for a cluster.

Job Status

psm bdcsce activities – lists the activities of a specific cluster.

psm bdcsce operation-status – shows the status of a running or completed operation.

psm bdcsce check-health – displays the current health status of a cluster.