ADF Deployment is Failing

ADF application deployments are failing because an <exact-match> value is not supplied in the WebLogic deployment descriptor.

When deploying an ADF application, that deployment might fail. The log will contain a message similar to this:
2014-09-03 12:45:03 CDT: Starting action "Deploy Application"
2014-09-03 12:45:03 CDT: Deploy Application started
2014-09-03 12:45:12 CDT: weblogic.application.ModuleException:
    at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppModule.start( 
2014-09-03 12:45:12 CDT: Possible cause: Your Java cloud service may be out of disk space.
2014-09-03 12:45:12 CDT: WL action state: failed
2014-09-03 12:45:12 CDT: Action FAILED with WL action state: failed
2014-09-03 12:45:12 CDT: Check the server log of your Java cloud service for more info about the failure.
2014-09-03 12:45:12 CDT: Application deployment failed.
2014-09-03 12:45:12 CDT: "Deploy Application" complete: status FAILED 
This is most likely because the ADF application’s WebLogic deployment descriptor, weblogic.xml, has an incorrect JSF library reference. Whereas Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension supports both JSF 1.2 and JSF 2.0 libraries, ADF only works with JSF 1.2. If your weblogic.xml file does not use an <exact-match> specification within the <library-ref> element:
WebLogic Server will select the latest library (that being the unsupported JSF 2.0 library), which causes deployment to fail. You can verify this error by running the Whitelist tool against the archive. You should see the following warning:
Recommended child element "exact-match" missing under element 
Element exact-match should be specified and set to true for JSF 1.2
See Use the Whitelist Tool.


To rectify this situation, add the <exact-match> element with the appropriate <library-ref>: