Completing Post-relocation Tasks

Before you can proceed with a relocated service instance, the service administrator will need to create other users and administrators in the new identity domain and associate and relocate the associated database service instance.


After August 2017, Oracle Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension uses a subscription-based entitlement model, so service instances cannot be relocated without their parent entitlement.

Updating User Information

Upon relocation, the service administrator will be added to the target identity domain but other users and administrators will not. The service administrator will need to create other users and administrators in the new identity domain.. If applicable, the bulk user import can be used for this task. The service administrator then will need to assign the service roles to all the required users. Bulk role assignment can be used. See Managing Users and Roles in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.

Reassociating and Relocation the Database Instance

After relocating a JCS-SaaS Extension service instance, the database service associated with it needs to be reassociated and then moved to the same identity domain.
  1. Reassociate the database instance:
    1. Click the link for the service with which you want to associate a non-associated service; for example, if you want to associate database service “db1”, with Java service “java1”, click the “java1” service link.

      The Service Details page appears.

    2. Open the Associations tab and click Manage Associations.

      The Manage Associations dialog box appears.

    3. Under Non Associated Services, select the service you want to associate and click the left arrow.

      The selected service moves to the Currently Associate Services list.

    4. Click OK and then, on the confirmation message, click OK again.

      The Service Details page reappears with a message showing that the selected service is being associated.

  2. Relocate the database instance to the same identity domain to which you relocated the JCS-SaaS Extension service instance. To do this, follow the same steps you used to relocated the JCS-SaaS Extension service instance, except do so for a Database Cloud Service service instance:
    1. Navigate to your Infrastructure Classic Console and click the name of the Database Cloud Service service instance you want to relocate.

    2. Click Identity Domain Administration.

    3. Click the Relocate Service tab.

    4. Click the Identity Domain dropdown control and select the identify domain to which you wan to relocate your service instance.


      Do not change the Service Name unless the default name is already in use in the selected identity domain. In that case, enter a new name.
    5. Click Submit and then respond affirmatively to the confirmation message.

      After a few moments, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will include the new Infrastructure Classic Console URL, the new identity domain, and the old identity domain.