Relocating the Service Instance

Relocate the JCS-SaaS Extension instance by using the Infrastructure Classic Console.


After August 2017, Oracle Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension uses a subscription-based entitlement model, so service instances cannot be relocated without their parent entitlement.

Before You Begin

Before you relocate a service instance, ensure that the target identity domain (that is, the identity domain to which you are moving the service instance):
  • Is provisioned as part the same customer account ID.

  • Resides in the same data center as the source identity domain.

To Relocate the Service

  1. Navigate to your Oracle Cloud My Accounts page and click the name of the service you want to relocate.
    The Service Details page for that service appears.
  2. Click Identity Domain Administration

    The Identity Doman Administration page appears.

  3. Click the Relocate Service tab.
  4. Click the Identity Domain dropdown control and select the identify domain to which you wan to relocate your service instance.


    Do not change the Service Name unless the default name is already in use in the selected identity domain. In that case, enter a new name.
  5. Click Submit and then respond affirmatively to the confirmation message.
    After a few moments, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will include the new Infrastructure Classic Console URL, the new identity domain, and the old identity domain.
You now have relocated your service instance; however, before you can proceed, you need to complete some post-relocation tasks.