java_OPSS_wlsaas Resource Could Not be Prepared Because JDBC Driver Does Not Support XA (Global) Transactions

You might experience issues with an instance because the java_OPSS_wlsaas resource could not be prepared.

Commencing with JCS - SaaS Extension 17.1.3, newly provisioned instances support Fusion Middleware This support requires that JCS - SaaS Extension has an internal datasource for the OPSS policy store. This datasource is created in the JCS - SaaS Extension instance domain to support the policy store in the created schema. By default, the OPSS datasource must support the global transactions protocol as OnePhaseCommit. With this configuration, the customer might receive an error message similar to this:
Exception occurred during commit of transaction ... weblogic.transaction.RollbackException: Could not prepare resource 'java_OPSS_wlsaas JDBC driver does not support XA, hence cannot be a participant in two-phase commit. To force this participation, set the GlobalTransactionsProtocol attribute to LoggingLastResource (recommended) or EmulateTwoPhaseCommit for the Data Source = java_OPSS
This happens because the OPSS datasource doesn’t support XA Commits distributed transactions.


To resolve this issue for instances created subsequent to 17.1.3 but before 17.4.1, configure the global support transactions value for the OPSS datasource by using the set-config SDK command to set the configuration value to None; for example:
./javacloud.jar -user myUsername -dc myDataCenter -serviceinstance jcssx001b -identitydomain myIdDomain -set-config -name -value None 
For this new configuration to take effect, restart the instance by using the command -restart-service-instance .

For additional information on setting this configuration, see Managing Configurations.