Provisioning a Database Instance

Once you’ve gained access to your subscription, you need to create—or “provision”—an instance of Oracle Database Cloud Schema Service. This is required before you can create a JCS-SaaS Extension instance.

  1. From the dashboard, click Create Instance.
  2. In the Database Schema section of the Create Instance dialog box, click Create to open the Create New Oracle Database Cloud Schema Service Instance page.
  3. On the Create... page, enter these Instance Details:
    Field Description


    The name of the Schema Service instance. This name must begin with a letter and contain only numbers and lowercase letters.


    The shape of the Schema Service instance. “Shape” determines the hardware resources provided to your cloud database, particularly the maximum storage available.

  4. Enter these Administrator Details:
    Field Description


    Enter the email address for the person who will be the administrator for the instance.

    Use email as user name

    Select this checkbox if you want to use the administrator’s email address as the username for this account.

    User Name

    If you aren’t using the administrator email address as the user name for this instance, enter a user name here (if you selected Use email as user name, this field will not appear).

    First Name

    Enter your first (given) name or the given name of the person who will own this service instance.

    Last Name

    Enter your surname or the surname of the person who will own this service instance.

  5. Click Create and then, on the Confirmation message, click Create again. This will launch the provisioning process and open the My Services page for Oracle Database Cloud Schema Service. Click Refresh icon to refresh your screen until details of the new database instance appear on the page.

After the instance is provisioned, not only will the instance appear on your My Services page, but Oracle Cloud will send a confirming email to the administrator address specified in step 4.