Set UseSunHttpHandler property to True When Making Outbound HTTP(S) Calls

As a best practice, set the UseSunHttpHandler property to true.

If you are making an outbound http(s) call, you should use your own or some other third party code to set the property UseSunHttpHandler to be true. In the past when the standard Java security manager was turned on in JCS-SaaS Extension instances, Oracle discouraged this practice; however, since the standard Java security manager is turned off, we now recommend using Sun's handlers.


Before using Sun’s handler, be sure to turn off the security manager. See Special Note on Disabling the Security Manager.

To set the UseSunHttpHandler property, use the Settings section of the Administration Console, or use the set-config CLI command to set the sun.http.handler.enabled configuration to true. Do not call System.setProperty("UseSunHttpHandler", "true") from code. See Special Note on the UseSunHttpHandler Property.