Service Instance Does Not Restart

When you click Restart Service Instance, the application fails to restart.

Often, you will attempt to restart a service instance to relaunch a stalled application but nothing happens. To ensure that the instance and any applications running on it restart successfully, you must perform a forced restart by selecting Force a restart of the service instance, even if there are active jobs? on the Restart Service Instance’s Confirmation dialog box.

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You can also force a service instance restart from the command-line interface by using the restart-service-instance command with the force option (-f); for example:

./javacloud restart-service-instance -f -u myUser -id myIdDomain -si myServiceInstance 

Using restart-service-instance requires a password (-p) but if you omit it in the command (as in the preceding example), the system will prompt you for it before forcing the restart. This is preferred to using the -p flag, if your command line renders the password in plain text.

Be aware that when you restart a service instance, all servers in that instance will be stopped and restarted. If the service instance is running a single server, you might experience some downtime. If the service instance has multiple servers, they will be restarted sequentially. During this time, other operations will not be permitted.