Certificate in WSDL Doesn’t Match the Certificate Being Validated

As a best practice, you should not imbed the web service descriptor (WSDL) in the application or you risk a mismatch with the certificate being validated.

If the certificate in the WSDL of an application deployed on Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension attempting to access web services for a SaaS application doesn’t match the certificate being validated for that application, you will receive a message similar to this:

oracle.wsm.common.sdk.WSMException: WSM-00276 : Validation failed for the entity published in the WSDL endpoint
"https://p1crm92paassaas1.crm.dc1.c9dev1.oracle.com:443/crmCommonSalesParties/SalesPartyService". Caused By: oracle.wsm.security.SecurityException:


To avoid this, do not imbed the WSDL in the application. If you have imbedded the WSDL, you will need to override it at run-time by using something like this:

salesPartyService_Service = new salesPartyService_Service(new URL("desiredwsdl"), QName );

This overrides the WSDL associated with the proxy instead of the end point. This will account for the unavailability of the old WSDL and the possibility that certificate information in the WSDL will change