Enable and Configure End User Monitoring

You can enable End User Monitoring and configure the type of Browser Injection from the APM UI.

By default, End User Monitoring will be set to OFF, and the browser injection type set to Correlation. You can change this to other injection types. You can change the injection type of an application server, only if the APM Agent installed is version 1.21 or higher.

To configure the default browser injection type for an application server:

  1. From the APM left navigation menu, select APM Admin and select Browser Agent.
  2. In the Configure End User Monitoring Injection Type Property section, all the application servers are listed. Optionally, click the Filter icon to search for the required application server.
  3. Select the application server to modify, and click the Edit icon in the Injection Type column, and select the required injection type.
    • Reference: This injects the both the javascript and the correlation cookie automatically, using a reference to a central javascript library.
    • Correlation: This injects only the correlation cookie. You can manually inject the javascript to the pages you want to monitor.
    • None: No automatic injection is done.
    • Full: This injects the full reporting javascript and the correlation cookie, and is not a recommended option.