4 Understanding Response Files

The Oracle Management Cloud agent installation script (AgentInstall.sh|bat) uses response files to read the installation parameters specific to your environment.

About Response Files

When you download and extract any set of the agent installation files (either for cloud agent, data collector or gateway), you receive the following:

  • A response file template (.rsp).

  • An agent installation script (AgentInstall.sh|bat).

  • Other agent installation software files.

You can have one of the following response file templates:

  • agent.rsp if you download agent software for a cloud agent or a data collector.

  • gateway.rsp if you download agent software for a gateway.

You need to customize the corresponding .rsp response file with your own parameter values. It is recommended to create a copy of the original .rsp response file, and then edit the copy specifying the values of your parameters for your installation.

Keep in mind the following facts regarding response files:

  • Response files should always be a plain text (UTF-8) character set file.

  • Response files list all the supported parameters. At a minimum, edit the mandatory parameters. If your environment details remain the same, you can reuse this response file in the future.

  • Response files are not platform-specific or release-specific. You can use the same response file on multiple equivalent platforms. Be sure to check for possible new parameters in a new release.

  • When you install agents, the response file resides in the same location as the agent installation script (AgentInstall.sh|bat) by default.

  • A cloud agent and data collector are installed using the same set of agent installation files. If the response file has data collector parameter values specified, then the installer starts the data collector installation. Otherwise, the installer looks for cloud agent parameters and starts the cloud agent installation.


Because the passwords that you specify in the response file are in plain text, you need to adequately protect the response file or delete the it as soon as the installation process completes.

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