Using Response Files for Installing Oracle Management Cloud Agents

To reduce the complexity and increase the accuracy of Oracle Management Cloud Agent installation, especially for installation of multiple agents, you use a response file. At the time of installation, the script reads the inputs from the response file and performs the installation.

About Response Files

When you download and extract the agent ZIP file, you get a response file (.rsp file) along with the installation script. This .rsp file is a template of the response file and you will need to edit the file to perform the installation. It’s recommended that you create a copy of the original response file, and then edit the copy specifying the values of the installation parameters. If you perform a cloud agent or data collector download, a response file named agent.rsp is downloaded. If you perform a gateway download, a response file named gateway.rsp is downloaded.

Following are some facts about a response file:

  • The response file should always be a plain text (UTF-8) character set file, so that the script can parse it.

  • A response file is not platform-specific or release-specific. You can create or update the response file and keep using it for any platform and for any future installations unless a new parameter is added to the file.

  • You can save the response file in the same location where you’ve saved your script, or you can save the response file in a shared or mounted location, which can be accessible from multiple hosts. This way you can have the response file in a single location and use the same response file for agent installation on multiple hosts. See Notes in Installing Agents Using a Shared Software Bundle for more information.

  • The response file lists all the supported parameters.

  • If your environment details remain the same, you can use the same parameter values without editing the response file again.

  • The cloud agent and data collector are installed using the same ZIP file. If the response file has data collector parameter values specified, the installer starts the data collector installation; otherwise the installer starts the cloud agent installation.


Because the passwords that you specify in the response file are in plain text, you need to adequately protect the response file or delete the it as soon as the installation process completes.