Analyze Exadata Resources

Get combined infrastructure resource utilization and workloads running across a set of Exadata systems (Exadata Database Machine, Exadata Cloud Service and Exadata Cloud at Customer). Analyze the capacity utilization for host and storage infrastructure, do a capacity planning for database workloads, and get insights into the database performance trends.

The Exadata Analytics application provides visibility into performance of critical workloads running on shared Exa infrastructure. A single integrated view of all Exadata systems across your enterprise helps identify issues and troubleshoot them quickly. You can also view the categorization of the Exadata systems based on the fleet type (Exadata Database Machine, Exadata CS, Exadata CC), rack type, the systems with low resource utilization, and the global resource usage in terms of CPU, memory, I/O, and storage.

As an IT administrator or a capacity planner, you can use this application to optimize capacity based on proactive planning.