Monitor CPU Usage By Server

To monitor CPU usage by server:
  1. Click the CPU tab in the left pane.

    The second chart (CPU Usage by Server) lets you compare the CPU usage between different app server instances. Each instance is represented by a cell. The size of each cell is determined by the app server CPU usage, while the color of each cell is determined by the percentage change in CPU usage by each app server instance. Shades of red indicate a growth in CPU usage, while shades of green indicate that the CPU usage has shrunk. Grey cells indicate no change in CPU usage.

  2. Click the Group By list to select the metrics to group the app server instances.
    • Domain

    • Target Version

    • Target Type

    • JDK Version

    • Host Name

    • Life Cycle Status

    • Cost Center

    • Contact

    • None

  3. Select the app server instances for which you want to view specific information by clicking the corresponding cell. If you’ve decided to group the app server instances, then you can select a group of instances by clicking a specific block.

    Data about the current trend of CPU usage and the forecasted CPU usage for the selected app server instances loads in the Trend and Forecast chart.