4 Use Fluentd for Log Collection

Use the open source data collector software, Fluentd to collect log data from your source. Install the Oracle supplied output plug-in to allow the log data to be collected in Oracle Log Analytics.

Fluentd software has components which work together to collect the log data from the input sources, transform the logs, and route the log data to the desired output. Oracle provides the output plugin installing which, you can ingest the logs from any of your input sources into Oracle Log Analytics.


Install Fluentd and Input Plug-ins: Before performing the following steps, ensure that you have installed Fluentd and the relevant input plug-ins for your input sources. See https://docs.fluentd.org/v/0.12/quickstart/installation.

Enable Log Collection: Access the Oracle Management Cloud console and assign license editions. Ensure that the Log Collection toggle button is ENABLED.

See Access Oracle Management Cloud and Enable License Editions in Getting Started with Oracle Management Cloud.