Work with Entity Associations

Configure new entity association and manage existing ones to enable log sources for specific targets to collect log data.

Configure New Entity Associations

You can configure new entity associations or enable log sources for a target for collecting log data. To configure entity associations on a large scale, you can use the source-entity association APIs.

If you’ve enabled Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring on specific entities, then those entities are automatically available on Oracle Log Analytics to configure entity association for the log sources. See Manage Existing Entity Associations.

  1. From Oracle Log Analytics, click the OMC Navigation open menu icon icon on the top left corner of the interface. In the OMC Navigation bar, click Administration Home.
  2. In the Entities section, click New association.
    Alternatively, you can click the count of available entities link in the Entities section and then in the Entities page, click New Association.
    The Associate Entities for Log Collection page is displayed.
  3. In the Select Entities section, select the target type, such as WebLogic Server from the Entity Type list.


    An entity type will be shown in the Entity Type list only when there is atleast one existing log source with the specific entity type.
  4. In the Entities section, click Add Entities, select the required entities to be associated.

    The Select Entities dialog box is displayed. The entities that’re eligible for association are listed in the Eligible tab. You can select up to fifty entities from the list. You can select the check box to the left of the Entity Name heading to select all the available entities.

    From the list of entities, you can also select a remote agent that you’ve configured using the Oracle Log Analytics REST API, and associate it with the specific log sources.

    Click the Not Eligible tab to view the entities that’re not eligible for log collection. To determine the reason for the non-eligibility of an entity, expand it and view the details.

  5. Select the entities from the Eligible tab, and click Select. Then click Continue.
  6. In the Select Log Sources section, select the required log sources from the list of available sources and click Continue.
    You can select the Select All check box to add all the available log sources.
  7. To create the target association, in the Confirmation section, click Associate Entities.
The new target is displayed in the list of available entities.