Create an Agent Support Bundle

When contacting Oracle Support to diagnose Oracle Management Cloud agent entity discovery issues, having comprehensive, standardized diagnostic information about your agent deployment simplifies the diagnostic process. There is a specific set of logs and configuration information that is useful for Oracle Support to diagnose problems with the agent software. This log/configuration information is called an agent support bundle.

Generating the Agent Support Bundle

You generate the agent support bundle by running the omcli generate_support_bundle command. This command creates a ZIP archive containing logs and configuration information specific to your agent deployment.


omcli generate_support_bundle agent DIRECTORY 

DIRECTORY is the directory where you want the agent support bundle ZIP archive to be generated.

Example 10-1 Example Title

In the following example, you are generating an agent support bundle. The archive ZIP file will appear in the /my_server/diagnostics directory.

omcli generate_support_bundle agent /my_server/diagnostics