Create Alert Rules to Monitor Process Status and Resource Consumption

You can create alert conditions based on any of the process metrics for both Process Aggregation and Processes metric groups.

Figure 6-4 Add an Alert Rule Condition

Alert condition properties will change depending on the process metric selected. The following graphic illustrates an alert condition where if any process in the Java Processes process has CPU utilization greater than 80 for at least 30 minutes, a warning alert is generated. If CPU utilization is greater than 90 for at least 30 min, then a critical alert is generated.

Figure 6-5 Alert Condition Properties

The following graphic illustrates an alert condition where a critical alert is generated immediately if a process does not exist (process count is less than one).

Figure 6-6 Alert Properties: Process No Longer Exists

For more information on creating alerts, see Create an Alert Rule.

For more information on setting up notification channels, see Set Up Notification Channels.