Define Associations Between Entities

By defining associations between entities you are monitoring, you can make Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring (and OMC in general) reflect the topological, as well as operational dependencies between them. For example, you create an association between two entities: Apache Tomcat and MySQL database. By creating a tagged relationship between the two entities , Oracle Cloud can take advantage of these relationships by having Oracle Application Performance Monitoring display the relationship in a topology map, help you understand where some of the load being placed on the MySQL database is coming from, or let you see what impact bringing down the database will have.

Add Associations using the Entity Associations UI

You can add/manage entity associations directly from the Entity Association page.
  1. From the Oracle Management console main menu, select Administration—>Discovery—>Entity Associations.

  2. Click Select the Source Entity. The Select Entities dialog displays.

  3. Select the source entity and click Select. Default associations appear in the table.

  4. Click Add Associations. The Add Associations dialog displays.

  5. Select the desired Association Type from the drop-down menu: Uses, Contains, or Monitored by.
  6. Click Add Destination Entities. The Select Entities dialog displays.

  7. Choose the desired Destination entities and click Select.

  8. On the Add Associations dialog, check I want to add these associations box and click Save. The newly defined association appears in the table.

Add Associations while Adding Entities

You can also add association tags when adding entities via the Oracle Management Cloud console. The Tags region of the Add Entities UI lets you specify tags directly without any coding. For more information about adding entities from the console while adding an entity, see Add Entities from the Console.