Before You Begin with Security Monitoring and Analytics

In this section you learn general concepts and related terms that are commonly used in Oracle Security Monitoring and Analytics.

Oracle Security Monitoring and Analytics Concepts and Related Terms

Term Definition
Cloud agent On-premises interface to Oracle Management Cloud, which is configured to monitor various entities by collecting status, performance, and configuration data.
Asset A monitored resource, such as a database, a host server, a compute resource, or an application server, that can be monitored in Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.
Gateway A cloud agent that acts as a proxy between Oracle Management Cloud and all other cloud agents.
Log entity The name of a log file.
Log source A named group of log files. The files that belong to this group can be configured using patterns such as /var/log/ssh*. A log source can be associated with one or more parsers.
Oracle home A directory where Oracle products are installed, pointed to by an environment variable.
Parser A named entity used to define how to parse all log entries in a log source and extract field information. It uses one or multiple parse expressions and a log entry delimiter to parse all log entries in a log source. It also specifies how the parsed content is converted into fields.
Remediation Action A task, or a set of tasks that implement a fix to a specific issue. A remediation task can be added as a response to an alert.