3 Submit Workflows


For this release, Oracle Orchestration REST API documentation access will be limited to approved customers. Contact your Oracle Support or Sales Representative for more information about accessing and using the Oracle Orchestration REST API. In addition, see the My Oracle Support note Oracle Orchestration Master Note (Doc ID 2229523.1) for the latest information.

When you submit a workflow, one or more instances of that workflow are executed immediately or based on the workflow schedule (if defined). Each execution runs the steps using workers, both are defined in the workflow JSON.

There are two ways to submit a workflow in Orchestration:

Submit a Workflow Using the Orchestration UI

Submitting workflows using the new Orchestration UI is quite simple and intuitive.

To submit a workflow using the new UI interface, you need to navigate to the Workflow Library on the left-hand menu.

  1. From the main workflow table, select the workflow you wish to submit and click on the right side drop down menu. Scroll to submit and click; this will take you to the workflow submission screen.
  2. Submission Name will be defaulted to <Workflow Name>_<current timestamp>
  3. Under the Global Inputs section, you will be prompted to provide the user inputs based on workflow declaration.
  4. You can add workers to your workflow submission to create parallel workflow instances. Click on add to add the required number of workers and press the modify values button to set values for each worker.
  5. Schedule, will allow you to set the time frame and period for the workflow to run. It can be set up as a onetime run, recurring or you can set a complex run schedule using CRON expressions.
  6. To schedule, set the start date, time and time zone. If recurring set the Repeat schedule by selecting from the drop-down menu. Finally set the end time for the workflow.
  7. Once all parameters are entered click on the Submit button in the top right.

Submit Workflows Using REST-API

REST API availability in Orchestration is currently limited to a select number of customers, for more information about REST API availability, see the My Oracle Support note REST API for Oracle Management Cloud Orchestration Cloud Service (Doc ID 2243981.1).