About the REST APIs

The Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) platform API lets your mobile apps interact with a mobile backend and access MCS services. This API along with the mobile client SDK and custom API implementations, enables the mobile app developer to:

  • View a mobile backend's app policy information.
  • View the current user's properties and update the user's custom properties.
  • Store mobile application objects, such as text, JSON, or images.
  • Configure which mobile devices can receive notifications.
  • Manage and query about location devices, their assets, and the places they're at.
  • Send and receive push notifications.
  • Create and access database tables.
  • Manage database tables.
  • Export analytic and API call data.
  • Measure user engagement and track API usage through analytics.
  • Upload custom API implementations.

You can view a list of all REST Endpoints.