Typical Workflow for Designing a Structured Process

Use this typical workflow to design a structured process in Designer.

Task Description

Create a process

Create a structured process from the Add component pane.

See Create a Structured Process.

Assign roles to the process

Assign roles and determine which members of your business organization are responsible for completing the tasks and activities within the structured process.

See Work with Roles in Designer.

Design the flow

Drag and drop activities such as human tasks, system, events onto the canvas.

See Work with Activities

Configure activity properties

Select an activity in your process diagram, click Menu icon , and select Open Properties to open the Properties pane. Configure properties specific to the activity. For example, configure a form, service call, or send task and receive task.

Define the data

Define the data the activity uses.

See Work with Data Objects

Associate the data

Link data to the activity inputs and outputs.

See Configure Data Association