Work in the Forms Editor

Use the forms editor to create and design forms.

The forms editor is available in two modes - Quick and Web Form. Create a simple form within minutes with the Quick editor. Or use the full range of options available in the Web Form editor to design a form.

You also have the option to quickly create a form in the Quick editor and then switch to the Web Form editor by clicking Convert to Web Form.

Access the Forms Editor

Creating or opening a form displays the editor.

  • From the Add component pane: For creating a new form, click Add from the application's main page. In the Add component pane, under UIs, select either Quick Form to create and open the form in the quick editor, or Web Form to create and open the form in the web form editor.
  • On the Forms page: Click UIs on the Components tabs. If there are no forms created then you get the options - Quick Form and Web Form, to create and open a new form. Forms that you create gets listed in the UIs page.

Use the Forms Editor

In the forms editor, drag, drop, and position controls onto the form canvas. Select from a wide variety of controls available. After adding controls, you can create multiple views or presentations of a form, and customize its styling and properties.

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