Access an Administration Console for Software that a Service Instance Is Running

From an Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance, you can access the administration consoles for the software that the service instance is running.

You can access these consoles:

  • WebLogic Server Console

  • Fusion Middleware Control

  • Load Balancer Console

  • Oracle Service Bus Console

  • Managed File Transfer Console

  • B2B Console

  • Worklist Application

  • BAM Composer

  1. In the Oracle SOA Cloud Service Console, click menu icon for the desired service instance and select the command to open the console that you want to access.
    A new browser opens and you are redirected to the selected console’s login page.

    If the server is protected with a self-signed certificate, you are warned that this certificate is not trusted.

  2. Accept the certificate.
    For example, if you are using Firefox, select I Understand the Risk.
  3. Follow the remaining browser-dependent steps to accept the certificate.
    For example, if you are using Firefox, the Add Security Exception dialog appears and you would select Confirm Security Exception.
  4. When the console login page appears, enter the log-in credentials you entered for WebLogic Administrator when you created the service instance.