Add an SSH Public Key

You can add secure shell (SSH) public keys to an Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance.

You might need to add a new SSH public key to an Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance if the SSH private key that you use to access the service instance becomes lost or corrupted. Or, you might need to comply with your organization’s security policies or regulations.

To generate an SSH key pair, see Generate a Secure Shell (SSH) Public/Private Key Pair.

To add an SSH public key:

  1. In the Oracle SOA Cloud Service Console, click menu icon for the instance to which you want to add a new SSH public key and select Add SSH Access.
    A dialog displays the value of the most recently added public key.
  2. Specify the new public key by completing one of the following:
    • Select Upload a new SSH Public Key value from file and then use your browser to upload a public key file from your local computer.
    • Select Key Value. Delete the previous public key value from the input field and then enter or paste the new value. Be sure not to include other characters that aren’t part of the key, such as spaces.
  3. Click Add New Key.