Create, Assign, and Unassign Tags

You can create and assign tags to Oracle SOA Cloud Service instances while creating the instances or later. When you no longer need certain tags for an instance, you can unassign them.

To assign tags to an instance or to unassign tags:

  1. In the Oracle SOA Cloud Service Console, click menu icon for the instance to which you want to assign tags and select Manage Tags or Add Tags.
    If any tags are already assigned, then the menu shows Manage Tags; otherwise, it shows Add Tags.
  2. In the Manage Tags dialog box, create and assign the required tags, or unassign tags:
    • In the Assign section, select the Tags that you want to assign to the instance.
    • If the tags that you want to assign don't exist, then select Create and Assign in the Tags field, and click just above the field. Enter the required new tags in the Enter New Tags field.
    • To unassign a tag, in the Unassign section, look for the tag that you want to unassign, and click the X icon next to the tag.


      You might see one or more tags with the key starting with ora_. Such tags are auto-assigned and used internally. You can’t assign or unassign them.
  3. After assigning and unassigning tags, click OK for the tag assignments to take effect.