View Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace Instance Details

You can view the details about an Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and perform actions on the instance.

To view stack details for an Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace instance and perform stack actions:

  1. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
  2. Open the navigation menu and click Developer Services. Under Resource Manager, click Stacks.
  3. If the stack is in a compartment, select the compartment in the Compartment field.
  4. Click a stack name to open the Stack Details page. The word Active is displayed in the left pane to indicate that this stack is running.
    The following table describes the key information shown on the Details page:
    Field Description
    Stack Information tab
    • Usage instructions.
    • Description of the stack.
    • Compartment to which the stack is assigned.
    • OCID value that uniquely identifies the stack.
    • Created date and time.
    • Terraform version.
    Edit Stack Click to edit the provisioning settings for the stack.
    Move Stack Click to move the stack to a different compartment. This action can take some time to complete.
    Terraform Actions Click to select the following actions to perform on the selected stack and instance:
    • Plan: Creates the build plan for the environment required to create an instance.
    • Apply: Executes the Plan operation to create the instance.
    • Import State
    • Destroy: Deletes the RCU schemas, compute instances, VCNs, subnets, load balancer, and backend servers created during provisioning. If you select this action, then want to re-create an instance using the same stack, select the Plan and Apply operations.
    See Deprovision an Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace Instance.
    Delete Stack Click to delete the selected stack after selecting Terraform Actions>Destroy. See Deprovision an Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace Instance.
    Add Tags Click to add tags to the selected stack. You can use tags to search for and categorize your instances in your tenancy. See Resource Tags.
    Tags tab Displays any tags associated with the stack. Click Add Tags to add a tag.
    Jobs section Click a job to display its details, including logs, variables, associated resources, outputs and state. The logs and outputs include URLs for working with the Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace instance. See Access an Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace Instance.
    On the Job Details page, you can download:
    • Logs .log file
    • Terraform configuration .zip file
    • Terraform state .json file

To view the compute instance details:

  1. Open the navigation menu and click Compute. Under Compute, click Instances.
  2. Click the instance name to display its details on the Instance Information and Tags tabs.