Change the Shape of the Existing Compute Instances

You can scale up the existing compute resources for your Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI domain to increase performance, or you can scale down the existing compute resources to reduce costs.


Do not use Resource Manager to change the shape of the compute instances in your domain. You must use the Compute service.

When you change the shape of an existing compute instance, you select a different processor, number of cores, amount of memory, network bandwidth, and maximum number of VNICs for the instance. The instance's public and private IP addresses, volume attachments, and VNIC attachments remain the same. For example, changing the shape of an instance from VM-Standard2.2 to VM-Standard2.4 doubles the capacity of the node from two OCPUs to four OCPUs, and also doubles the amount of memory allocated to the node.

The original shape of the compute instance determines which shapes you can select as a target for the new shape. You cannot modify the shape of an instance that uses a bare metal shape or certain virtual machine (VM) shapes. See Changing the Shape of an Instance.

Oracle recommends that you use the same shape for all compute instances that comprise a single WebLogic Server cluster. This allows traffic to be distributed uniformly across the cluster.

When you change a shape, the compute instance must be restarted. To avoid downtime and ensure your applications remain available to users, Oracle recommends that you create a cluster with multiple compute instances, and that you change the shape for one compute instance at a time.

When you change the shape of the first compute instance, the domain's administration server will be temporarily unavailable. However, your applications do not depend on the administration server and will not be affected.

  1. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
  2. Click the navigation menu Navigation Menu icon, select Compute. Under the Compute group, click Instances.
  3. Select the Compartment in which your domain was created.
  4. Click the name of the first compute instance for your domain.
    The instance has wls-0 appended to the name. For example: mydomain-wls-0
  5. Click Edit, and then select Edit Shape.
  6. Select a new shape, and then click Save Changes > Reboot Instance.
  7. Repeat from step 2 for the remaining compute instances in your domain.