About Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI Versions and Retirement Policy

Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI versions adopt the standard Oracle multiple digits system for version numbering.

A version number for Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI contains six decimal places in the form:

WLS n.n.n.n.yymmdd.n

For example:


The first 4 decimal places together describe the base version of a WebLogic Server release, such as: for Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Release 3 for Oracle WebLogic Server 14g Release 1

The 5th decimal place is a quarterly patch set release date. For example, 190716 is the July 2019 patch set.

For patch set update (PSU) naming purposes, releases in a quarterly patch set for Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI are named uniquely by the 6th decimal place. The first release is 01. The number is incremented by one for every patch or every update of that patch set, including one-off patches and updates to the VM image, the WebLogic scripts placed on the VM images, the Terraform scripts, and the Resource Manager schema.

An Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI PSU is created from the Critical Patch Updates (CPUs) of several products, namely, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Java Development Kit, Oracle Platform Security Services and Oracle Web Services Manager. While the Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI quarterly patch set release date (yymmdd) is mainly derived from a WebLogic Server PSU, the latest PSUs of all those products are included. See Patches.