Retirement Policy

Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI PSUs do not retire based on any fixed time range. Instead, for each WebLogic Server release (12c or 14c), only the last two patch sets (identified by yymmdd) are retained in a quarter.


The Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI image of a version is retained as-is, including the WebLogic Server binaries, the VM image contents, and any bugs that were inherent to the WebLogic scripts on the VM.

For example, suppose at the end of December 2019 there are two July PSUs and two October PSUs for WebLogic Server release

When the 2020 January PSU is released (say,, the July PSUs are retired and only the PSUs for October 2019 and January 2020 are retained:

Note the following about all retained Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI versions:

  • Bugs fixed in a later version are not back ported into an earlier version.
  • A version may be pulled without notice if there is a very serious security or functional issue.

See Known Issues in Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for known problems in a retained version and how to work around them.