4 Troubleshoot Oracle WebLogic Cloud

Identify common problems in Oracle WebLogic Cloud and learn how to diagnose and solve them.

Check Known Issues

Learn about known problems in Oracle WebLogic Cloud and how to work around them.

Stack Creation Failed

Troubleshoot a failed Oracle WebLogic Server domain that you attempted to create with Oracle WebLogic Cloud.

Use the Terraform job logs in Resource Manager to identify the cause of the failure.

  1. From the navigation menu, select Resource Manager, and then click Jobs.
  2. Identify and click the job for your stack.
    • The Type is Apply.
    • The State is Failed.
    • The Stack is the name of your Oracle WebLogic Cloud stack.
  3. From the Logs section, search the log for error messages.

    You can optionally Download the log files and search the files offline.

Unable to get decrypted credential

Example message: Key or Vault does not exist or you are not authorized to access them.

When you create a domain with Oracle WebLogic Cloud, you provide the vault endpoint URL and the key that you used to encrypt the passwords for the domain. The compute instances use this information to access Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Key Management and decrypt the passwords. The compute instances must be granted access to your keys using policies. Refer to these topics:

Failed to validate DB connectivity

When you create a domain that includes the Java Required Files (JRF) components, you must select an existing database and provide connection details. The compute instances use this information to connect to the database and provision the JRF database schemas.

Possible causes for this error include:

  • You entered the wrong database password or a plain text password.
  • You selected a database that does not allow the compute instances to access port 1521.
    • Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing - Check your access control list (ACL).
    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database - Check the network security group that was assigned to the database, and the security lists for the subnet on which the database was created.
  • You selected an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database running Oracle Database 12c or later, and you did not provide the name of a pluggable database (PDB).

Job is still running or has timed out

Most stack creation jobs for Oracle WebLogic Cloud should complete within an hour. Some internal provisioning problems might cause the job to run indefinitely until it eventually times out after 24 hours.

After the current Apply job times out, run a new Apply job on the same stack. This will destroy any resources that were created, and then attempt to create the resources again. If the problem occurs again, contact support.

Get Additional Help

Use online help, email, customer support, and other tools if you have questions or problems with Oracle WebLogic Cloud.

For general help with Oracle Cloud Marketplace, see How Do I Get Support in Using Oracle Cloud Marketplace.