Deploy a Sample Application

Use the Jenkins job to deploy or undeploy applications, shared libraries and resources to the new domain using a sample application.

To deploy or undeploy a sample application:

  1. Sign in to the Jenkins console for your domain. See Access the Jenkins Console.
  2. On the Dashboard page, click sample-app.
  3. Click Build with Parameters.
  4. Select the Undeploy_Sample_App check box to undeploy the sample application (optional).
  5. Deselect the Rollback_On_Failure check box if you do not want to rollback to the previous working domain image (optional).

    If you deselected this check box, you can rollback to the previous image later from the backup.

    The Rollback_On_Failure check box is selected by default.

  6. Click Build to run the Pipeline job.

    You can see the different stages of the Pipeline for the sample-app job. See Pipeline Job Stages in Domain in Image.

  7. Access the sample-app with the URL:

    You can use the kubectl command to get the external load balancer IP address.

    For example:

    kubectl get service <resourceprefix>-external -n <resourceprefix>-domain-ns


    To get the external load balancer IP address, when you provision an Oracle WebLogic Server for OKE domain without a bastion instance, see Access the Load Balancer IP for No Bastion Host.

You can use the WebLogic Server Administration Console to verify that your application is deployed to the domain. See Access the WebLogic Console.