Scale a WebLogic Cluster

You can change the number of cluster pods or nodes in your Oracle WebLogic Server for OKE stack to increase performance or to reduce costs.

Add pods to scale out, or remove pods to scale in.

  1. Access the administration compute instance for your domain.
  2. Use kubectl to modify the domain.
    kubectl edit domain <domain_name> -n [namespace]

    Where, <domain_name> is the domain that you want to scale.

    The opens the Domain definition in an editor.

  3. Edit the replicas value to the desired number of pods.
  4. Save and commit the Domain definition.

    You will be notified of the change and the domain immediately scales the corresponding cluster by reconciling the number of running pods with the replicas value you specified.

For more information about scaling, see Scaling in Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator.