Service Activity Report

A Service Administrator can view and download a service activity report through Tools. The reports cover service and user activity in both Reconciliation Compliance and Transaction Matching modules. Activity reports are generated each day during the system maintenance time and help a Service Administrator determine how the service is being accessed and used.

The Service Activity Report provides detailed information on the number of users accessing the service by date, the resources that users accessed, duration of user activity, and the action that users performed in the service. This report is automatically generated each day during the system maintenance window and enables Service Administrators to understand Account Reconciliation usage. Information contained in this report includes:

  • Top seven requests and their duration

  • Top 30 worst performing actions and their duration

  • The browsers and their versions being used

To view or download the Service Activity report:

  1. From Tools, click Service Activity .
    Activity Reports screenshot showing access from Services
  2. You can view or download the report.

Activity Report Retention Policy

Oracle retains Service Activity Reports for the last 60 days only. You can either download the reports from the user interface or set up an EPM Automate automated downloads.

Automating Activity Report Download Using the EPM Automate Utility

You can also automate the downloading of the activity report on a preset schedule using the EPM Automate utility. See Automate Activity Report Downloads to a Local Computer in Working with EPM Automate for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.