16 Creating a Sample Application

Account Reconciliation offers you the option to create a sample application that provides pre-loaded data and artifacts. By trying and testing this out-of-the-box environment, you can explore the capabilities and performance of Account Reconciliation and then use the sample application as a template to more easily model your own application using your data.

To create a Sample application:

  1. Using the URL provided for the instance, log on to Account Reconciliation as a System Administrator.
    Start screen to create an application
  2. Under Account Reconciliation, click Start.
    Select Sample to create a sample application with built-in data.
  3. Click Sample to create a sample application.
  4. On the Create Sample screen, select the users for the following roles:
    • Preparer--Select the user to be assigned as the Preparer for the sample application. This role prepares the reconciliations for review.
    • Reviewer--Select the user to be assigned as the Reviewer for the sample application. This role can review and approve reconciliations.


      The prerequisite for this step is that the Identity Domain Administrator has already created users and assigned roles.

      Select the Preparer and the Reviewer users by username, and then click OK.
  5. Click OK to initiate the application creation process. This will take several minutes, so do not close the browser window until the completion message is displayed.
  6. Click OK on the completion message.
    screenshot of the Account Reconciliation Cloud module selection screen: Reconciliation Compliance or Transaction Matching as a starting module
  7. Click Start next to the module you want to use first in Account Reconciliation.


    This only takes you to the initial module you select. You can always switch to the other module by using the Navigator.

    From the Home page, you can begin exploring and working with the sample application to explore Account Reconciliation features and functionality.