Data Management High Level Summary

At a high level, here is a summary of the Data Management process:

  • Setup tasks (in Data Management)

  • Workflow tasks (in Data Management)

  • Execute a data load and view results


    When using Data Management, you do not need to execute the data load in Oracle Account Reconciliation. The data load is done in Data Management instead. However, when loading balances, the data load must be executed in Account Reconciliation.


    For Transaction Matching, you need to recreate the application in Data Management when you take the following actions:

    • The Match Type ID changes
    • The data source ID changes
    • The data source attribute ID changes
    • A data source attribute is added or removed.
  • Create a data load definition if you want to use it multiple times. This also gives you the option to select the type of data load you want to execute (Full Refresh, Snapshot, Merge).

    See Define data load definition (in Oracle Account Reconciliation).

For more information about Data Management steps and procedures, see Integrating Oracle Account Reconciliation Data in Administering Data Management for Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.

Import of Transaction Matching transactions automatically reopens the reconciliation, with no warning confirmation message. For more information about issues loading data using Data Management or about reopening of reconciliations, see Troubleshooting Account Reconciliation Issues in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Operations Guide.