Checking for Missing Reconciliations

The Check for Missing Reconciliations action double checks to ensure that reconciliations exist for all profiles that should have them in a given period. It is important that you check for missing reconciliations to ensure completeness.

There are various reasons you could have missing reconciliations:

  • New profile - for example, a profile was created after the reconciliations were created for a given period
  • Missing required information - for example, a profile is missing workflow or currency information
  • Deleted - for example, the profile was deleted from the period
  • Inactive - for example, the profile was flagged as inactive.

Inactive profiles are not considered when you check for missing reconciliations. For example, if you reconcile Equity on a quarterly basis, this account will not show up as a missing reconciliation during the January and February periods, but it will show up for the March period (assuming March is your quarter end).

Missing reconciliations can occur if you forget to create reconciliations for profiles. This can happen if you add profiles later in the period after reconciliations have been created, or if reconciliations were created and subsequently deleted.

To check for missing reconciliations:
  1. From Home, select Application, then Periods, and then select a period.
  2. Under Actions, select Check for Missing Reconciliations.
  3. To view the missing reconciliations in Excel, click the Export to Excel icon.
  4. Select a directory for the Excel file, and then click Save, and then Close.
    To watch a video on Checking for Missing Reconciliations, click this link: Checking for Missing Reconciliations video link